Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Arrrgh, Me Eye Is Bloody

At some point over the weekend, my left eye got all bloody. I’m talking about the white of the eye, which is now almost completely dark red. It looks quite excruciating, but I don’t feel anything different in the eye. I forget I even have the condition until I see it in the mirror again or someone says something.

I guess it’s just a burst blood vessel, but I don’t remember the triggering event. I’m having some mild hay fever, so maybe I rubbed the eye wrong. I called the doctor, and the nurse said I could just let it clear up for a few days, if it’s not bothering me. I read online that it could take 7-10 days to clear up, though.

Maybe I should wear a pirate patch. My dad and grandfather both have had eye problems, and I’m hoping this isn’t a sign that my own eyes are weak too. Maybe I should take the eye supplement made by the company where I work.

Oh, and that pink patch on my arm did turn out to be another basal skin cancer, so I have to take another afternoon off to drive up to the Huntsman Cancer Center so they can scrape and burn it.

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