Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sampling My Music Tastes

Just for a sampling of my musical tastes, here’s the most recent songs my iTunes has randomly fed me (listed song, artist, album):

Buddy Holly, Weezer, Weezer
Folk Song, The Sundays, Static & Silence
One Foot In The Grave, Beck, Stereopathetic Soul Manure
Time to Build, Beastie Boys, To the 5 Boroughs
Can't Stop Now, Keane, Hopes And Fears
Out Of Control, Hoobastank, The Reason
Have A Cigar, Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
Grace, Supergrass, Life On Other Planets
Another Love Song, Queens Of The Stone Age, Songs For The Deaf
In The Meantime, Helmet, Meantime
Six Broken Soldiers, King's X, Faith Hope Love
In This House That I Call Home, X, Los Angeles & Wild Gift
The Dark of the Matinée, Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand
Straight Jacket Labels, Revis, Places For Breathing
We Got The, Beastie Boys, To the 5 Boroughs
Dark Signs, Prong, Rude Awakening
Bushfire, Midnight Oil, Earth And Sun And Moon
Invader Ace, The D4, 6Twenty
Saturnine, Smashing Pumpkins, Judas 0: B-Sides and Rarities
Human Behavior, King's X, Dogman
Exchange, Massive Attack, Mezzanine
Next Year, Foo Fighters, There Is Nothing Left To Lose
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Shazam!, Beastie Boys, To the 5 Boroughs
The Scientist, Coldplay, A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Role Model, Helmet, Meantime
Weak And Powerless, A Perfect Circle, Thirteenth Step
Things You Say, Sleater-Kinney, Dig Me Out
Breakout, Foo Fighters, There Is Nothing Left To Lose
Halo, Foo Fighters, One by One
Dig Me Out, Sleater-Kinney, Dig Me Out
Frozen, Madonna, Ray of Light


John said...

We must come from a similar musical mold--I've quoted both Rush and Beastie Boys in EQ Lessons, and I'm going to a Sleater-Kinney concert next week (Dig Me Out's my favorite album of theirs). I'll have to check out the less familiar stuff in your list...

Anonymous said...

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