Friday, June 24, 2005

Survey Says . . .

Here's my responses to a quick snapshot survey:

Things in my room:
1. Bed (mmm, sleep)
2. Two computers (one of them a laptop)
3. Reading station with black leather chair, lamp, table piled with stuff to read
4. Wife (a pretty one)
5. Kids' toys and shoes scattered on the floor
6. TV with Netflix movies sitting on top, waiting to be viewed
7. Desk, dressers, baskets of laundry awaiting putting away

Things I say most:
1. When my ship comes in, it probably won't be on Utah Lake
2. Well, this has been a real treat (when I'm ready for a meeting to end)
3. I'm flattered and even a little curious, but I think I'll pass
4. Honey, did you turn on the alarm? (at bedtime)
5. OK, I guess I can do that (to ex-wife)

Things I want to do before I die:
1. Publish a novel
2. Visit Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Europe
3. Watch all the movies on my Netflix list
4. Read all the books in my personal collection
5. Make a living running my own business

Do I:
Smoke? No, but I used to
Do Drugs? Nothing illegal, just over the counter
Read the newspaper? Yes
Pray? Yes, every morning as soon as I get on the freeway
Have a Job? Yes, I've been here six months
Attend Church? Yes, out of duty
Wish on stars? No

Have I ever:
Gone skinny dipping? I don't think so
Had Surgery? Lots of outpatient mole removal, one chest biopsy
Swam in the dark? Yes
Been to a Bonfire? Yes
Ran away from home? No
Played strip poker? Yes, as a young kid
Pulled an all nighter? Yes

In the last 24 hours, have I:
Cried? I don't think so
Sang? Yeah, I think I sang the "Kimba the White Lion" themesong to my one-year-old
Been kissed? Yes, and more too
Felt stupid? Yes, there's stuff at work I don't get
Talked to an ex? Yes, my ex-wife regarding kid logistics
Missed someone? Hmm, I've thought about people from my past, but haven't necessarily missed them
Hugged someone? Yes, and more too


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