Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Friend's Podcast

My Mormonism For Dummies coauthor and good friend Jana Riess is the interview subject of an interesting podcast. Aside from the fact that the voice is scarcely recognizable as Jana's--at least to my ear--it's a fascinating tour through the land of Jana, from her early encounters with Mormonism to her insights into various books to her thoughts on the Sabbath and other religious practices.

She says some nice things about our Mormonism For Dummies writing experience. She implies that I was responsible for most of the humor in the book, but I must say that half or more of the successful humor is hers. Most of the lines people quote to me as liking were written by her.

Anyway, I highly recommend this podcast, the first in Sunstone's series on "Cool Mormons Who You Should Get to Know." Here's the URL:

Also, Jana has a new blog: “The Review Revolution: Improving Culture through Kvetching: Jana Riess sifts through the best and worst in books, films, television, and religion” (see URL under "Blogs I Read" in the left-hand column).

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