Thursday, April 06, 2006

Me and My Big Head

I am a person with a large head. It's so large that if I want to wear a baseball cap, I have to undo the adjustment thingy in the back. No, I did not say set it on the last little tack; I said undo it completely. When I wanted to buy a hat to protect myself from the sun recently, I had to google to find a place that outfits big heads.

When I was little, this used to chagrin me. But yesterday, when a guy at work was wearing around a XX-large cowboy hat, I admitted to my big head and said it probably wouldn't fit me. (I'm nothing if not self-deprecating.) Sure enough, the hat that drowned his head just sat on top of my noggin, unable to slide down at all.

Why does this make people laugh so much? I do not know. All I know is that I'm sorry to my wife that our three boys all have largish heads, although she still managed never to tear during a delivery. (Those midwifes work wonders...)

Another thing that makes my head seem even bigger is that I have lots of very thick hair. Even my hair strands are unusually thick. When a shop teacher in junior high wanted to demonstrate a micometer, he plucked my hair as the blondest in the class and the hair of a Native American. To his shock, my hair strand was thicker! I remember that after I had chemotherapy, I actually liked how thin my hair was for a few months there...

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