Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Down on the FARMS

Here's a nice little review of Mormonism For Dummies I just discovered today, from the FARMS Review (the acronym stands for Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies,

As part of the For Dummies series, this book takes a solid, basic look at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, defining and explaining its unique terms and concepts. Jana Riess has a PhD in American religious history and serves as the book review editor at Publishers Weekly, and Christopher K. Bigelow is a writer and editor who formerly worked at the Ensign.

Even someone who has grown up as a member of the church might benefit from the carefully organized sections dealing with history, beliefs and doctrines, statistics, lifestyle, facilities, organizations, practices, culture, humanitarian efforts, and prominent members of the church. The book is divided into five parts: What the Mormon Faith Is All About, Eternal Rituals and Endless Meetings, Holy Books and Sacred History, Mormonism Today, and The Part of Tens.

This friendly approach is heavily cross-referenced, leading the reader to later (or earlier) discussions on a given or related topic. Sprinkled with icons and numerous lists, the book seems to cover topics in a straightforward, honest way.

(The FARMS Review, 17/1 2005)

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