Friday, July 07, 2006

Press Release about My Forthcoming Book


“This is the most correct book since the Book of Mormon. It’s even truer than the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” —Elder Bennett McConkie Wirthlin

Salt Lake City (July 8, 2006)—Mormons . . . you gotta love ’em. From the gingham baskets full of scones they leave on your doorstep (along with a Book of Mormon), to their incomprehensible rules about beverages (coffee no, hot chocolate yes), members of one of the world’s fastest-growing religions can be found in every school, workplace, Costco, dollar store, and—well, perhaps not in every tavern.

Are you a Mormon observer who’s curious about what really goes on deep inside the LDS culture? Or are you a Mormon insider who suspects you’re not getting the full story from KSL, the Deseret Morning News, and the Ensign news section?

Now there’s a news source for you. Staffed by a team of crack reporters and columnists, The Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer reports the stories that are too offbeat, dangerous, and—worst of all—inappropriate for the mainstream news outlets. Here’s a brief sampling:

SpongeBob Receives Mission Call
BYU Offers Scrapbooking Degree
Poll Reveals Majority of Men “Highly Satisfied” with Patriarchy
Gay Polygamists Make Bid for Legitimacy
All-Seeing Eye Proposed for Church Office Building
Gladys Knight to Release “Midnight Train to Kolob”
Advice from the Mormon Psychic

Not only does this volume collect some of the best reportage from The Sugar Beet website and newsletter (a Mormon version of The Onion), but it also features all-new punctuation and new material that’s never appeared elsewhere. Remember, we never said it would be easy, we just said it would be funny!

Editor: Christopher Kimball Bigelow
ISBN: 978-1-930074-17-0 (10 digit ISBN: 1-930074-17-4)
LCCN: 2006930481
300 pages, $17.95
8.3 x 5.4, perfect bound
Publication date: 11/6/06
Available from Ingram, Books West, Partners West, and White Horse Books.

Editor Christopher Kimball Bigelow is co-author of Mormonism for Dummies and co-founder of The Sugar Beet, an online satirical newsletter about Mormons. Bigelow has worked as an editor of Irreantum, a Mormon literary magazine, and the Ensign. He lives in Provo, Utah.

Pince-Nez Press, founded in San Francisco in 1995, publishes nonfiction and humor books, including God’s Brothel, by Andrea Moore-Emmett, which has been featured on The O’Reilly Factor, CNN (Paula Zahn), and in other national and international media. For more information on Pince-Nez Press, please visit our website at or contact Susan Vogel, Publisher, at 415.218.0010 or Our books are carried by Ingram, Partners West, White Horse Books, and Books West.

Pince-Nez Press
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Salt Lake City, UT 84102


C. L. Hanson said...

Sounds like a fun book!!!

What happened to your blog title? Any explanation for the change?

Christopher Bigelow said...

I was just a little tired of the old title, but I may change back sometime soon. Does anyone recognize where the new title comes from?

Unknown said...

sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Cool, and congratulations! I vaguely remember something about how, as a contributor, I get a free copy....? I really look forward to seeing the finished product.

David Boone said...

Very interesting..

D.E. Boone