Friday, September 01, 2006

New Description of My Mormon Timeline

Here's flap copy I just wrote for the deluxe edition that will be sold in Deseret Book and abroad in the U.K., Australia, etc. (the cheaper Costco edition won't have the dustjacket). It sounds a little hype-y, but oh well, that's marketing.

With unparalleled scope and grandeur, The Timechart History of Mormonism lays out LDS scriptural and church history in one gigantic panoramic sweep, from Adam through 2005 A.D. As readers browse the easily digestible text and beautiful paintings, maps, and photographs, they can experience and absorb the whole span of Mormon history in an unprecedented fashion.

Suitable for folding out to its full length of several yards or viewing page by page, this vivid, compelling timechart is designed to appeal to teachers, students, historians, and readers of all ages, including longtime Mormons and those new to the faith or curious about it. No visual LDS history resource this large and comprehensive has ever been made available before!

In addition to depicting the key events and people of the Old Testament, the Book of Mormon, the New Testament, and the Latter-day Saints of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this timechart includes a stream of world history events to help put things into perspective.

The backside of the timeline features a basic primer in Mormonism, covering beliefs and ordinances, scriptures, temples, prophets, and historical sites. An accompanying 32-page booklet provides more depth on Joseph Smith and the origins of Mormonism; the major Mormon migrations; Mormon contributions to science, art, politics, and popular culture; the faith’s modern worldwide expansion; and much more.

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