Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Novel I'm Excited to Publish

I guess my blog is turning into a promo site for the writing, editing, and publishing projects I have going on, but that seems to be my main emphasis in life these days...

Here's advance promo copy for a novel I'm particularly looking forward to publishing this fall through my Zarahemla Books enterprise. This novel has the most commercial potential of the three original works I'm publishing to start with.

Brother Brigham
A novel by D. Michael Martindale

Like many young boys, Cory Young had an imaginary friend. In Cory’s case, it was his ancestor Brigham Young—or rather, “Brother Brigham,” as Cory knew him. During Cory’s formative years, Brother Brigham filled the boy’s head with grand expectations of an important mission in life.

Now all grown up with a wife and two young sons, Cory has sacrificed his dreams to earn a living for his family. Brother Brigham is just a distant memory—until one day he returns in a most unexpected way. As Brother Brigham’s appearances and instructions grow increasingly bold, Cory struggles to hold together his faith, his marriage, and his sanity.

“This is one of the wildest rides I’ve ever enjoyed in a novel, Mormon or otherwise. Like Stephen King, Martindale captures the earthy rhythms of daily life as the characters get caught up in bizarre, harrowing events. Outrageous and yet chillingly plausible and deeply serious, this gutsy, expertly rendered story breaks new ground in Mormon entertainment.”
—Christopher Kimball Bigelow, editor and author

Sound intriguing? Man, it's a fun read.

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