Monday, October 29, 2007

Impressed with Mitt Romney

I really don't follow politics much—in fact, sometimes I think of myself as apolitical—but I can't help keeping a finger on the pulse of the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Not only is he a Mormon like me, but I'm actually personally acquainted with him from my time in Boston (he once gave me a ride in his black BMW after interviewing me, and my ex-wife was his hairdresser).

At first I found it almost impossible to imagine Mitt getting elected, but as time passes I'm becoming more of a believer, although I still wouldn't bet money on it. Even if he manages to get the Republican nomination, I don't think there's any way this country will—or perhaps even should—elect another Republican president after eight years of Bush. If anyone but Romney gets the Republican nomination, I will probably vote Democrat—yes, even perhaps for Hillary.

Mitt's enjoyed a pretty good ride in the media. Boston Globe columnists can sometimes be very nasty about him, but the Globe recently ran an amazingly positive and in-depth series of articles on him, of which I've read every word. He's got such a solid background and character.

It bothers me when people say Mitt's a flip-flopper. I believe human beings should constantly be changing their minds on their views, as they gain new experiences and perspectives. Plus, I think it's healthy for a politician to bend his views somewhat to fit the people he's representing, rather than imposing his views on them.

I have to wonder, deep down does Mitt really think he can win, or are there other motives for running a campaign that he knows won't ultimately get him elected? After all, I think he may be doing more missionary work—or at least positive PR—for the LDS Church than any other single person who's ever lived.


Alb said...

I'd think twice about voting for Hillary if you want to sleep in the same bed with me (since I'm ultra-conservative, allbeit more liberal than most members of my family).

Anonymous said...

I linked to this article on the Mitt Report, it will be on around Noon EST on Tuesday. Great post.

Helen said...

You need to read the new book:
"When Salt Lake City Calls"
by Rocky Hulse

Anonymous said...

Mitt or no Mitt, for the life of me I can't imagine how anyone could vote for a Republican candidate this next presidential election.