Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The 20,000th Visit

My blog counter informs me that I’ve crossed the 20,000 mark of visits to this site. Sounds like a lot to me, but lots of those are no doubt repeat visits from my core readers—Hi, mom, wife, siblings, coworkers—and lots are probably two-second touchdowns from surfers. But still, 20,000 is a fun number.

I started the blog back in March 2005. I haven’t ever really settled into a firm strategy or schedule—it’s mostly been an uneasy hybrid of navel-gazing self-deprecation and self-promotion. But it’s been a good outlet for me, and I’ve gotten some interesting feedback.

Much of what I’ve written here would have probably been more appropriate for a personal journal, but my writerly tendencies—you know, such as narcissism and exhibitionism—make it more fun to do it publicly. One reason blogging appealed to me was that I haven't been successful at keeping a personal journal for more than a decade now.

For a long time I’ve wanted to start doing shorter blog pieces more frequently, but I seem to be stuck in the mode of longer pieces at irregular intervals, often with 2–3 posts clumped together and then nothing for a few weeks.

Anyway, it’s been fun, and here’s to the next 20,000 visits!


Alb said...

I find it interesting that you quit keeping a journal when you married me. What does that say? Hmmm?

Christopher Bigelow said...

Hey, honey. I think it means that I'm happy in my marriage. For me, a journal is usually mostly an outlet for my disappointments and frustrations, and I guess I don't have as many now!

Unknown said...

20,000!! Whoa! And I thought my 9,796 was pretty good :-)

Interesting blog. I'm adding you to my favorites list so I'll remember to come back. Now I have to go read that Deseret News article.