Saturday, December 15, 2007

Interviewed by the Chicago Tribune

With Mitt Romney so big in the news, media opportunities continue to trickle down my way. On Thursday I spent over half an hour on the phone with a reporter from the Chicago Tribune, and I got quoted in his article, which comes out in tomorrow's Sunday paper. I enjoyed the conversation quite a bit and felt it went fairly smoothly.

Mine's a short quote, and it comes right after Elder Ballard. I can tell that what we discussed informed some of the other things the reporter wrote, as well. He said he really likes Mormonism For Dummies, which seems to be widely used in the media. Here's my bit, if you don't want to sort through the whole article:

Christopher Kimball Bigelow, a Mormon and co-author of Mormonism for Dummies, notes that those who reach the highest level will share in God's creative powers—perhaps even creating other planets and life.

"God gives his children who pass the test with an A-plus all the power he has," Bigelow said. "He makes you a full partner in the family business."

I wish he would have quoted me on the Savior too, such as that you can get an A+ only with the Savior's help . . . but oh well. I wonder if any more of these opportunities will come my way—if Mitt gets some momentum going in the primaries and especially if he somehow gets the Republican nomination, I'm sure they will.

I'm acquainted with the head of the LDS Church's Public Affairs department, so I think I'll drop him a note along with a CD of my first interview with FOX News Radio and tell him I'm available if he has any good media-communication job openings (not that I'd want to wear a tie and commute to Salt Lake again—but hey, it could be fun if something meaningful and significant materialized to get me out of the MLM industry).

By the way, I recently went on that FOX radio talk show again a second time, but I was a little more defensive and didn't have much to say about Romney, so I don't think it went quite as well—the first caller wanted to Bible bash, and then the hosts suddenly said good-bye to me.


Th. said...


Have you see this?

Feel good.

Anonymous said...


It's good to hear your book is being used as a tour guide by the media. I saw a woman on CSPAN the other day-- some grinning talking head-- really screwing up the details on our beliefs. They were small, subtle mistakes, but enough to give off an entirely different perspective. I'd send her your book, but I was so turned off by her performance ("hack" comes to mind) I quickly turned to a Frasier (my equivalent of washing the feet) and promptly forgot all about her.

Dan Olsen said...

Hi Chris,

One thing that I've found interesting in the political campaigns so far, is how obvious, to me and most of my LDS friends, the religious bigotry coming from Huckabee is. However, when I mention to non-member friends that Huck is bashing my religion, they have no idea of what I'm talking about until I explain it to them.

I'm not sure if that means I'm too sensitive about my religion, or if Huck's agenda is only resonating with his evangelical base.

Your thoughts?