Monday, February 04, 2008

Would you like to meet Cain?

I've been working on a novel and have now got the opening portion far enough developed that I'd like to show it around and get feedback on whether I'm on a track that's worth continuing to pursue.

It's quite a different kind of writing for me, more genre-oriented than usual. Titled Master Mahan Avenged, it combines elements of the Cain legend, the Nephite sorcery discussed in Mormon chapters 1-2, and near-future post-civilization speculation. Big influences include the Mad Max movie Road Warrior, Stephen King's novel The Stand, and other fantasy and horror stuff I've read and seen over the years, along with a heavy dose of Mormon folklore and culture.

The story is pretty far fetched in some ways and quite supernatural, but I take it deadly seriously as being within the realm of possibility. I've got the rest of the book outlined, but I wanted to get some feedback before I invest much more time and energy on it. What I mainly want to know is: Would you want to keep reading such a book in this mode and style, and do you think it could find an audience?

I've got the first six chapters, about 15,000 words total. If you're interested and willing, e-mail me at chrisbigelow at gmail dot com, and I'll e-mail you back the file.

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