Friday, November 28, 2008

I Finally Get Facebook

I've had a Facebook account for quite a while, but I never really saw the point in visiting the site. It just seemed like a distraction that I didn't have time for or interest in. Occasionally I would accept friend requests and go through and delete all the requests for weird stuff like pillow fights.

However, now I quite like Facebook, and here's why: I love the one-line status updates that people type during the day, and I like typing my own quick updates. It's a strangely addicting, satisfying way to keep track of people during the day and feel more connected. Writing a clever, engaging update that's not too obscure or confusing is a real art form, almost like a haiku.

Another big reason I like Facebook now is because I use the mobile version on my iPhone. This makes it very easy to scroll through people's status updates and type in my own while I'm waiting in line or whatever. I have to admit that when I find myself with a spare few moments, I often check Facebook before I check my e-mail, so that's really saying something.

Now if I could just discipline myself to check the scriptures on the iPhone once in a while and see if there are any status updates from the Lord...

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Stephen said...

Send me a friend invite ;)