Saturday, March 28, 2009

So far in 2009 have I . . . ?

Sorry, it's been a while, and this questionnaire I pulled off Facebook is kind of lame...

1) kissed someone? Of course, my wife, every day.

2) been dumped? Nope, I'm still married and employed. I think a few people have unfriended me on Facebook, though. Can't imagine why...

3) been drunk? No. I sometimes wonder if I could actually handle moderate alcohol usage in my life right now or if the Mormon church is right that none of us should enjoy any of it, ever.

4) stayed out/up all night? Not on purpose, but I've lost a few nights to insomnia, due mainly to indigestion from eating too much too late. But I still slept at least a few hours.

5) ate so much you got sick? See number four above. The older I get, the less well my digestive system works, though I continue to eat mostly what I want.

6) cried? Oh, my eyes have welled up quite a few times, usually more feelings of excitement than sadness.

7) gone to a funeral? Not that I remember.

9) watched something/someone die? Yes, I witnessed my furnace dying. It was more hearing it than seeing it, though. Oh, and our dishwasher and computer printer. Fortunately I haven't witnessed any biological death, that I can remember.

10) left home without permission? I guess this list is geared toward younger people?

11) smoked? No. Sometimes I enjoy sneaking some second-hand smoke, but I'm never around that anymore, what with all the new laws and stuff.

12) got in a fight? Maybe some verbal sparring with my ex-wife.

13) made someone cry? Not that I know of, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did.

14) found out who your friends are? Just here on Facebook, if you judge by who invited me and who accepted my invitations. I was offended today because I got a Facebook e-mail saying that a woman I used to work with at the Ensign magazine had accepted my invitation this morning, but when I clicked on her profile she was no longer my friend, suggesting to me that she clicked on my profile and considered me unworthy to keep. I sent her a message that said, "Well, at least the Lord still loves me."

15) been told you were hot by a complete stranger? Yeah, people stop me on the street all the time and tell me that--not.

16) left the state? Not so far this year, but I have plans to do so later this year as many as four times, if they all work out, including possibly two international trips.

17) been kicked out? My boss may have kicked me out of a meeting if I started dozing or getting too smart alecky.

18) been arrested? No.

19) had your heart broken? No.

20) Told someone (outside the family) you love them? Not that I remember. If so, I was using the term casually.

21) fell asleep with the opposite sex in a bed? Every night with my wife. (Yeah, I do think this list is for high school and college ages.)

23) had someone tell you they hate you? Sometimes my kids say that when they're mad, especially our little drama king Austin.

24) been in a wreck or wrecked a car? No, thank goodness. I worry about it a little every day.

25) cried for no reason? No.

26) felt like dying? I certainly wouldn't go that far, but I'm the kind of person who occasionally thinks I wouldn't be all that disappointed if I DID happen to die. Usually I don't feel that way, though.

27) felt like killing someone else? Not for real, although I can think of some people who I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if they died.

28) wished you were someone/somewhere else? Very often, multiple times per day, as far as my career goes and often with regard to not liking living in Utah.

29) missed someone so much it hurt? No.

30) lost someone close but not through death? No. Oh, wait, I did let the little boys wander away from our house one afternoon when I was supposed to be watching them, so I jumped in the car and luckily found them at the bottom of the street.

31) wanted to ask someone something but couldn't? I tend to avoid confrontations and difficult discussions, so probably.

32) lied to your parents? No.

33) lied to anyone? Probably some little social fibs, nothing I can remember. I was totally honest on our taxes, to our great financial pain.

34) bought something for someone other than yourself? I buy things that my wife and kids ask me to, but I don't initiate giving gifts. I hate giving gifts! Not the expense but the pain of picking out something for them.

35) argued over the petty things in life? "Argue" is a strong word, but I tend to nag my wife a little more than she does me, mostly about household cleanliness.

36) wanted to tell someone something but never did? Probably.

37) learned a lesson the hard way? No doubt, but can't remember a specific example right now.

38) trusted someone you shouldnt have? Probably.

39) done something you shouldn't have? If I were as pure and spiritual and religious and healthy as I should be, there are many things I probably should not read, listen to, watch, eat, and drink.

40) laughed so hard you cried? Yeah, a couple of times, at least got tears in my eyes.

41) danced under the stars? Give me a break. I don't dance, and I don't linger under the stars, at least not this time of year.

42) had a pillow fight? Maybe a brief one with some of my boys. I don't like that kind of horseplay much.

43) kissed somone but regretted it? No, except maybe my wife if she had a cold.

44) met someone new? Yeah, lots of new students in my night class.

45) became friends with someone you never thought you would? Hmm, can't think of any.

46) wished on a shooting star? No. Another dumb question.

47) wanted to go back in time and change something you did/said? Sure, but can't remember what. Well, a few weeks ago I cut my thumb.

48) gone to church? Yeah, I've actually been better about attending church this year, because the time changed from 9:00 to 11:00 and Zachary stopped taking naps, which was a good excuse to stay home lots of weeks last year. I don't like attending much, though, and wish I could get away with going only once a month.

49) cried yourself to sleep? No.

50) loved someone so much it hurt? Huh? I worry about family members from time to time, but I don't really get what this question means.

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