Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Gay-Mormon Coming-of-Age Novel


No Going Back
A novel by Jonathan Langford

A gay teenage Mormon growing up in western Oregon in 2003. His straight best friend. Their parents. A typical LDS ward, a high-school club about tolerance for gays, and a proposed anti-gay-marriage amendment to the state constitution. In No Going Back, these elements combine in a coming-of-age story about faithfulness and friendship, temptation and redemption, tough choices and conflicting loyalties.

“A home run exploring these issues. Langford captures many of the things I have personally felt as I have navigated these waters.”
—Rex Goode, social worker and webmaster for www.ldsr.org

“Abiding by Mormonism’s high standards challenges all its faithful adherents. Coping with one’s besieged status as a young gay is no less difficult. What if you are both at the same time? Like no other work I know, Langford’s frank and poignant novel brings this real-life impasse into bold relief.”
—Thomas F. Rogers, playwright and BYU professor emeritus

“The narrative opens some of our deepest concerns, and the prose makes us glad to be there.”
—Steven C. Walker, BYU professor

Stay tuned for more information on this release, coming soon.

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