Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 Songs on Shuffle

A little sampling of 15 songs my iTunes just randomly played from my 8,000-song library, with some commentary:

"The Bike Song (feat. Kyle Falconer with Spankrock)," Mark Ronson & The Business: I have no idea what this song is and don't even remember listening to it.

"The Trooper," Iron Maiden: I have deleted most Iron Maiden from my iTunes because the singer is often quite bad and out of tune.

"Just You 'n' Me," Chicago: A somewhat guilty pleasure from my childhood (my mom was a big fan).

"Away," The Toadies: I really dig the Toadies, with their propulsive music and dark, twisted vibe. I have all their albums.

"Liberate," Disturbed: I'm pretty tired of Disturbed and don't buy new albums, but I still have some songs.

"Alive," P.O.D.: Eh, this is a CD I once bought that has survived in my iTunes. My favorite song of theirs is "Satellite," but the rest is pretty forgettable for me.

"Roll The Bones," Rush: For me, the best Rush is Permanent Waves and earlier. Moving Pictures and Signals are OK even though they're starting to get too synthesizer heavy, but then there's a stretch of New Wave–flavored albums that are so bad I've simply deleted them. However, I don't mind some of the more recent albums with more guitar, such as the album this song comes from. (My favorite relatively recent Rush album is Counterparts.)

"Senses Working Overtime," XTC: This must be a song from some compilation. Not a fan, but I don't dislike it enough to delete.

"You And Me," Neil Young: This is from my wife's CD, and I keep it around as a mellow flavor.

"Indefinitely," Travis: Don't mind this rather mellow album, but I don't like it enough to pursue more Travis.

"Scared Money," Saul Williams: This was some freebie I picked up. It's somehow connected to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame.

"Colder World," EchoBrain: I really like EchoBrain and wish they had continued beyond two albums.

"My Friend of Misery," Metallica: I love the black album, and my next-favorite Metallica album is actually the cover songs collected in Garage, Inc.

"Rock 'n' Roll Doctor," Black Sabbath: I love me some Ozzy-era Sabbath, although I wouldn't say this particular song is one of my favorites. For one thing, the song title sounds too much like something Kiss would do. I like Sabbath's deeper stuff, like "After Forever" and "Symptom of the Universe."

"All Secrets Known," Alice in Chains: When it comes to grunge, the groups I still listen to most are Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Pearl Jam is OK, and I like the Nirvana mystique but don't actually enjoy listening to their music very much. This song is from Alice in Chain's recent comeback album, which I think is quite strong.

(Bonus points to anyone who can identify the connection between Metallica and another band in this list.)


DK said...

Robert Trujillo (Metallica) And Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) Might as well throw OZZY in the mix

bkdunn said...

Jason Newsted: Echobrain/Metallica. Prize = ?. FWIW, I don't think I've ever had any of these songs on my iPod at any time. And no Porter Wagoner? How's that even possible...?! Yeah, JK.

Christopher Bigelow said...

Correct, Dunn. Who is Porter Wagoner?