Monday, October 03, 2005

Spencer W. Kimball Anecdote

I have a funny SWK story. When I was about seven, we visited my Grandpa J. Leroy Kimball in SLC from our home in California. Roy was a cousin of Spencer's and also his doctor (if you recognize Roy's name, it's because he was the one who started Nauvoo Restoration).

Anyway, Roy invited me to go along with him one morning on some visits, and we visited Spencer in his small, humble SLC home, probably just months or a year or two before he became prophet (I remember them talking about that impending transition). As the men talked, Spencer pulled out a box of chocolates and kept offering it to me.

I would take a bite of the chocolate, find it full of hideous goo, and stow it in my left hand. I kept taking the chocolates both because I hoped to finally get a good one and because I was too embarrassed to refuse. Anyway, when we got up to leave, the men noticed I had a whole handful of chocolates melting in my hand. They laughed, and Spencer took me into the bathroom, helped me throw away the chocolates, and then washed my hands for me.

Too bad he didn't get my feet too, eh?

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