Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wanna Read My Novel?

In a couple of weeks, I'll be e-mailing around my novel to volunteers who are willing to read through it and let me know anywhere it gets boring, confusing, unconvincing, offensive, etc.

Here is a summary of the novel:

Kindred Spirits
A novel by Christopher Kimball Bigelow

Sixth-generation Utah Mormon Eliza Spainhower has carved out an independent, single life for herself in Boston. While she still considers herself a practicing Mormon and is striving to live chastely, she has experienced some bumps in her sexual history, including recently getting disfellowshipped for losing her virginity at age thirty-two. Now Eliza is trying to repent and find a suitable partner, but most Mormon men are too bossy and unimaginative for her taste.

When Eliza meets an intriguing man on the subway who seems open to her faith, she embarks on a campaign to convert and marry him. However, this man adopted a daughter in his previous marriage, and he still has dealings with his ex-wife and the girl’s birth mother, who were close friends before the adoption and remain so. As Eliza struggles to negotiate relationships with all these people against the backdrop of her Mormon history and identity, she discovers new realities about the nature of love, parenting, sex, and family configurations.

Please be warned that the novel has some profanity and explicit sexual material. If you would be willing to read it and comment, e-mail me at chrisbigelow at gmail dot com. I will be e-mailing out the file around the end of this month. Thanks in advance to any volunteers!


Abel Keogh said...

Out of curiosity, who is the target audience for your book?

Christopher Bigelow said...

I've written it with mainly a non-LDS mainstream reader in mind, but I also often imagine how it could be provocative to an LDS reader. So I would say the target audience is anyone interested in reading about relationships unfolding from a strongly Mormon character's perspective, but without an agenda to make Mormonism look good or bad, just explore some realities.