Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Opening Pandora's Box o' Music

Wow, I just discovered the coolest streaming audio site ever. Pandora.com lets you type in the name of your favorite group or song, and it will analyze a huge database of music and stream similar-sounding songs to you.

The site is extremely slick and the sound quality great, with lots of ways to give feedback and help the site tailor your listening. And it's free!

Anyway, I'm really enjoying it and highly recommend it. The only problem is that I'm adding CDs to my Amazon.com wish list at a faster rate now that I'm hearing lots of cool new music.

Oh, and the music comes from big record labels, the indies, and musicians recording and self-publishing from their garage.


Alb said...

So, Which ones do you want for Father's day?

Joseph's Left One said...

I'm completely addicted to Pandora. Sadly, no money to buy CDs at the moment, though I got Art Brut yesterday.

Rebecca said...

Shoot, now I'm going to get addicted. I'd never heard about it before.