Friday, March 09, 2007

Some Good Press Coverage

The media gods are smiling on Zarahemla Books, with three positive items coming out this past week about projects I'm involved in, appearing in sources ranging from blogs all the way up to USA Today:

1) On the Motley Vision blog, William Morris calls Todd Robert Petersen's Zarahemla-published story collection Long After Dark a "fantastic work" and "an instant classic--one of the most important works of Mormon literature to appear so far." Morris's review contains many other interesting observations, including placing this book in the larger context of both Mormon and national literature.

2) The Salt Lake Tribune's weekly magazine In Utah This Week did a
provocative report on Zarahemla Books and how we're striving to bridge the gap between Deseret Book and the national market, including previews of some exciting future titles we'll publish.

3) Stephen Prothero is chairman of the religion department at Boston University, and his new book is titled Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know--and Doesn't. In USA Today, Prothero indentified Mormonism For Dummies--which I coauthored and carry through Zarahemla--as the best source for information on the LDS faith. Titled "Americans get an 'F' in religion," this USA Today report gives an interesting perspective.

In other news, Zarahemla has decided to respond to numerous customer requests by making our books available on Brother Brigham and my own novel Kindred Spirits are already available, and Long After Dark and The Timechart History of Mormonism should pop up on Amazon within the next week or two.

And yes, the titles are heavily discounted and apply toward Amazon's free shipping offer (sigh--they're hard to compete with). Of course, I'd prefer you to shop at Zarahemla Books, but I understand if you just can't resist the the convenience and cheapness of Amazon... Thanks for all your support, and I hope these books provide you with some worthwhile and/or entertaining reading experiences.


Alb said...

Congratulations honey-o! I'm proud of you. Ha Ha, I was first to congratulate you on this forum (whew!!!)!

Th. said...


I think it's best to sell more for less than less for more. Almost always. I think putting things on Amazon is absolutely the best thing to do.