Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Little Wombat

We have been very much enjoying our 18-month-old final child, Zach. He is a warm, intelligent being with an expressive face, a great sense of humor, and lots of cute verbal development going on right now.

Interacting with him, you can tell that he does a lot of deep thinking and feeling. This photo captures him at a reflective moment.

I think his head may be even bigger than mine was at that age. Another thing about Zach is that he's built like a wombat, with lots of chub and muscle. A wombat is a small-but-stocky Australian marsupial (pictured below) that looks like a cross between a pig and a bear. When I served in the Aussie bush on my mission, they especially warned us against hitting wombats with our car, as those little animals pack way more punch than their small size would suggest.

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Alb said...

I'm not sure what Zach will think of being compared to a wombat when he is old enough to get it. That said, he really is "our little wombat" and I sure do love him.