Friday, October 19, 2007

Three Public Appearances I'm Making

Next week I'm making three public appearances, two in Utah and one on national radio, so like any good self-promoting doobie, I thought I'd let you know:

UTAH HUMANITIES BOOK FESTIVAL, Salt Lake Main Library, Saturday, Oct. 27. Find out more and download a PDF of the program guide here.

At 12:30, Zarahemla Books founder and author Chris Bigelow will speak along with Carol Lynn Pearson on "Mormon Writing: Promised Land or No Man's Land?" There's a market for orthodox Mormon books and for unfriendly exposés on Mormonism. But what about material that seems "too worldly for the Mormons and too Mormon for the world?" Pearson has written everything from safe, inspiring poems to stage plays tackling the most controversial issues of our culture. Bigelow is author of Mormonism For Dummies, The Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer, and Conversations with Mormon Authors.

In addition, Zarahemla Books will have a table in an exhibitor room with all six of our titles available at a 32% discount, plus additional books from other publishers at a not-quite-as-deep discount.

THE SNOW COLLEGE CONVOCATION at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 25, will feature Bigelow giving a presentation titled "Too Mormon for the World, Too Worldly for the Mormons?" The convocation is open to the public and free of charge. Eccles Center for the Performing Arts, Ephraim, Utah.

FOX NEWS RADIO: If you're interested in talk radio, I will chat about Mormonism on New York City's "Brian and the Judge" nationally broadcast Fox News Radio show on at 7:34 a.m (Mountain), Tuesday, Oct. 23. The show streams live here.

I hope I make it through all three episodes without any major gaffes! I think I'll do fine, as I'm pretty well prepared and confident about the topics at hand.

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