Monday, February 06, 2006

Getting Out of CDs

OK, I have finally reached a point where I'm almost positive I'm going to get rid of all my CDs and just use my computerized music. Here are my reasons why:

1) I have all my CDs ripped onto three computers (work, home, laptop), plus I have them all backed up on archive CDs (in compressed format, so hundreds of songs fit on one CD).

2) All my CD cases with liner notes are just sitting on a shelf in the basement, and I never use them or look at them. I do enjoy looking at some album art, but I never go back and reference it or look up lyrics or anything, and if I want to do so, it's pretty easy to do online. (I keep all my CDs in a binder.)

3) Last night I just ordered an FM broadcaster thingy so I can listen to my iPod Shuffle in the car, which was the last missing piece. (All my other music listening occurs from my three computers or the iPod.) I was going to wait until I bought a new car later this year and make sure the new stereo plays MP3, but I went ahead with this FM thing. I'm a little concerned, though, because some of the reviews said it's hard to get it to work right consistently, so I'm going to test it out before I make my final determination.

4) I sell stuff online at, and I think that every day I wait, my CDs will become less valuable. I think CDs are going to plummet in sales over the next few years, so I'd like to get mine listed for sale right away and hopefully raise a thousand or two dollars, which I could then use to buy a bigger iPod, downloads albums from iTunes, etc. (I now have a blisteringly fast home fiber optic connection, so I'm all set to download big files.)

5) I don't like having to change the CD in my car every 30-45 minutes. It will be so much nicer to just let the iPod go through more like eight hours before I need to reload it with fresh songs and electricity.

Anyway, does anyone know why I shouldn't do this? Maybe I'm a little hasty in converting over to new technology. I've been trying to get my wife to disconnect our land line and just do cell phones, but I failed in that.

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