Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Hate Home Depot and Its Ilk

The big, huge hardware stores make me kind of sick. I think it's because they somehow threaten my manhood. Whenever I step inside one, I feel so overwhelmed and inadequate. I almost feel like I'm breaking out in hives.

The other day, I needed some simple caulk to reseal a shower drain. Man, it took about an hour to even find the right section of the store, and then I faced a huge selection of caulk to choose from, in so many different colors, brands, and other options. It gave me a headache trying to decide!

Anyway, I avoid these kinds of stores whenever I can. I remember when I was remodeling an old bungalow in Sugar House, I spent hours in Home Depot. And I wasn't even doing hardly any of the work, because we hired people to come in and do the floors, locks, painting, etc. But just finding the right stove hood, for example, took several trips, product returns, etc.

I'm glad my sweet wife had a decade or so of living alone to learn to do many household fix-it chores, because she does more of that kind of stuff now than I do, although I do a little. But I'm much more likely to call someone. I'd rather spend extra time teaching or editing and earn extra money to pay someone to do household repairs and improvements. Hell, I'd even rather go into debt.

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