Friday, April 20, 2007

All Just a Publicity Stunt?

You know, one reason I think I'm venting on this Dutcher situation here and in other online venues is because I've swallowed these thoughts/feelings for so long when it comes to dealing face-to-face with the leavers in my own life.

After all, I don't know Dutcher and so am not worried about personally confronting or upsetting him; rather, his public story gives an opportunity to discuss these things in more general terms. And the other factor is that I'm much less inhibited about saying what I think online, as opposed to face-to-face with people.

Anyway, maybe this is all just a stunt by Dutcher to get us talking about these issues--maybe it's even research for his next Mormon film.

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Th. said...


I'm glad I haven't been by your blog in, oh, maybe ten days, because I needed time to pass from my post on Dutcher (and the subsequent comments) before I read anything else. But I appreciate all you had to say about it.

I had to quit the AML-List in, mm, 2003? When did Dutcher quit? Because I must assume he isn't there now....