Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm a Semi-Believer in Believe, the Movie

As an employee in the so-called multilevel-marketing industry, I had to go see the MLM mockumentary Believe on its opening day today.

It was a bit more amateurish than I would have liked, but it touched on lots of deliciously painful truths for an insider to enjoy and yet simultaneously loathe, because they hit a little too close to home. I personally don't care much for MLM and the overlapping nutritional supplement industry, but I'm grateful for the job and I like the people I work with.

Sitting next to me, my wife found the movie pretty uneven and tedious. But if MLM has ever been a part of your life in any way like it has mine, you may well find the film therapeutic. The actual MLM parts weren't really exaggerated much at all, since they're already so ridiculous in real life, but some other aspects of the plot were a bit dumb, and the whole thing doesn't hold and gel together very well.

I just wish the movie had been a little better done. (And I wish I knew what I really wanted to do for my career...) For more info, including some hilarious trailers and mock MLM instructional videos, visit the well-done website.

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Alb said...

Even though you are right that it was uneven and tedious, I also could relate to a fair bit of it just from vicarious experiences of living with and listening to your distaste for this industry. In addition, I think we have all been apporached by the overzealous types that it portrayed who are very real to life.