Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Totally Snookered by Google

When I logged into my Gmail account on Sunday, the log-in page displayed like this.

I'm ashamed to say I totally fell for this April Fool's joke. I told my wife and some people at dinner about it, speculating that they must be planning to print ads on the pages to cover the costs and make money. I kept looking for the "Paper Archive" button to appear on my Gmail account.

One thing I didn't do was click on the "Learn more about Gmail Paper" link, which I would like to think would have given away the joke.

Oh, well, I guess I'm a little dumb sometimes. I have to admit this makes me think Google is even cooler...


Alb said...

It's not the first time someone got you on April fools day. Luckily this time didn't come with all the baggage you still carry around with you.

Darvell Hunt said...

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