Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Sleeping Weather

I love it when you can sleep with the window open, which we've been doing the past couple of weeks. I sleep so much better in a cool room!

It was a long, hot summer for me–have I mentioned that summer is my least favorite season? The air conditioner does not work very well either at work or at home, it seems, and my sleep quality was poorer than usual, with lots of tossing and turning and waking up in the night. I kept a little personal fan aimed at myself most nights, which helped some. Our basement is so much cooler that sometimes I wish our bedroom was down there.

At work, when you cross the threshold into our department during the summer, you can feel the temperature go up several degrees, and my desk with the south-facing windows is pretty bad in the afternoons. I don't know why this new building has such inefficient air circulation in our area. In a few weeks when it gets colder, I will have to start using my little space heater.

For this whole floor, they installed only one men's room with one toilet and one urinal. And the air doesn't circulate well in there either, so sometimes you have to breathe through your mouth if one of the IT guys has just stunk it up (for some reason I always blame them). I've heard women refer to the hallway outside our restroom as "the hallway of death" because of the occasional lingering funk in the air.

Anyway, in the fall I often feel an uptick in mood and energy, and I'm feeling that good fall feeling starting to come on now. But I sure am dreading the big mess with the leaves!

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Alb said...

Boy that almost sounded like a glass half full post until you had to dampen it with the leaves remark.