Friday, September 05, 2008

My Mom Made Me Do It

I didn't join the cell phone world until just a few years ago in 2005. Why? Because I tend to hate the phone, and I didn't want people like my ex-wife being able to reach me whenever they want. However, eventually I gave in, and now it's hard to imagine life without one.

When my yucky old Nokia phone—the first phone I ever owned—finally starting dying out unexpectedly, I went to AT&T to upgrade, and I went ahead and splurged on the iPhone. I might have resisted the temptation, except for one thing: My mom has one.

A guy's mom can't have an iPhone and not him, can she? It don't seem right. Anyway, I do love the phone as much or more than I hoped. I would rather have a PC than an Apple computer, but when it comes to Apple gadgets like iPods and iPhones, I am subject to Apple worship. It's amazing how much affection one can feel toward these sleek little devices, of which I now have three.

I've had a couple of nonplussed moments with the iPhone and heard that they do sometimes have problems, but mostly it's been "Wow." I use my cell number as my business number for Zarahemla Books, so Zarahemla actually bought it for me, and I'm hoping my employer will pay the $30/month data plan so I can stay better connected to work.

Bottom line: I consider my new iPhone to be as powerful and cool as Joseph Smith's original urim and thummim, if not more so.


Anonymous said...

No question. Parents should never be more technologically advanced than their children. It just doesn't follow the notion that innovation springs from the younger generation. Now if I can just get my mother to buy a nice HDTV, my master plan will be complete...he he.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had been saving for an iPod Touch and when she stumbled on $120 stashed in a hiding spot in her room (she forgot she had it), she discovered she had more than enough. Then my wife made the mistake of saying:

"The Touch is $299, but an iPhone is $199-- why not get that?"

"Okay, cool!"

"But wait, why don't we get your dad to look into it and see there are any other costs to have an iPhone?"


And sure enough, Dad learned on top of the $9.99 to have a cell phone we'd have to cough up another $30 a month for a "data package," so after 3 months the iPhone would be considerably more than the Touch. Of course, Miss D was disappointed and I shot daggers at the Mrs. for even making the suggestion.

Way cool gizmos, though. Kudos on your new acquisition. Me, I'm happy as a pig in mud with my Blackberry curve.