Thursday, October 09, 2008

Things I Seriously Considered Doing But Didn't

Going Through the Navy ROTC Program (continued)

When school started at the U, I couldn’t bring myself to attend any classes, let alone the introductory Navy ROTC class. The next week, I threw all my stuff into a cardboard box, abandoned my studio apartment up on Wolcott Street between two frat houses, and jumped on a Greyhound bus with my high-school friend Rick Mittelstaedt to seek our fortunes in Southern California.

We actually lasted for almost two months in California, renting a single guy’s spare bedroom to share and getting jobs at a Jack-in-the-Box on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, a resort town where Rick had spent time as a kid. I would’ve rather lived and worked up in actual Los Angeles, but Rick called that shot, I guess. We told people that we were going to establish California residency for a year and then go to UCLA, but I didn’t really believe it deep down.

I have some unsavory memories of the sex-and-drugs debauchery of those California days, and after I returned to Utah I continued my Mormon version of the Amish rumspringa for over another year. Fortunately, I eventually recognized the reality of Satan and snapped out of it without any lasting addictions. I did only about four months of repentance before they sent me on a mission to Australia—today, I don’t think I would’ve been allowed to go at all, and certainly not after so short a time.

I don’t think I would’ve thrived in the hyper-masculine hierarchy and discipline and politics of the military, although I honestly don’t think it would’ve been as overall uncomfortable and depressing for me as my mission was (about which I plan to do some writing soon on this blog). In fact, sometimes I wonder if I actually might have enjoyed aspects of the Navy and learned some useful leadership skills. If I had it to do over again and was offered the choice between serving the mission and taking my chances on the Navy, I wouldn't hesitate to choose the Navy option.

Bottom line: Neither my grandpa nor my dad went on missions as young men, so I have one up on both of them in that department. But eight out of nine of my siblings went on missions, believe it or not, including five sisters.

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